K Patrick is a San Francisco Bay Area photographer specializing in travel photography with an emphasis on climate refugees.  His unique background as an environmental attorney and photographer has provided K Patrick the opportunity to study and document people displaced by climate change.  Before attending law school, K Patrick spent a month volunteering in a small Himalayan village in Nepal.  It was there that he first witnessed that entire communities depend on a delicately balanced natural environment. 


After practicing public and environmental law for several years, K Patrick felt unfulfilled in his professional life.  Against the advice of others, he left his promising career as an attorney and embarked on a year and a half long journey through twenty countries across six continents.  It was during this time that he began to photograph climate refugees and other vulnerable populations.  


For fifteen years, K Patrick has traveled extensively throughout the developing world documenting climate refugees and the increasingly changing environment.  Recently, he returned from Myanmar, where environmental disasters, including Cyclone Nargis, have dramatically affected the lives of hundreds of thousands of people. 


Through his photography, K Patrick is committed to increasing awareness of this relatively unknown, but increasingly important, global issue. When not documenting climate refugees, K Patrick collaborates with international organizations that provide short and long term assistance to climate refugees.  Twenty-five percent of the sales from K Patrick Photography’s prints is donated to help fund these organizations’ field work. 


K Patrick spends his downtime with his wife, Amy, and dogs, Havoc and Mayhem.